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The                                    Fiddletree

One day Otis cut down a giant sugar maple tree to make instruments out of. This tree made a great many instruments including the group of instruments that created the Fiddletree collection.
The Unfathomable Menagerie.

This newest CD brings the Fiddletree back to present another collection of original tunes composed by Otis A. Tomas. Through music, text, and photographs, this CD package presents the story of the Unfathomable Menagerie –– an imaginative fantasy that reaches deep into the heart.

Joel performed on viola and frame drum with Otis Tomas in ‘The Fidddletree Ensemble’ at Celtic Colours (Cape Breton 2012) and Celtic Connections (Glasgow 2013).
Performed on the ‘Fiddletree’ album ‘Unfathomable Menagerie’ (2012).
The Fiddletree players are : Otis Tomas and Sarah McFadyen - violins; Joel Sanderson, Mairi Campbell - viola; Abby Newton - 'cello; Laoise Kelly - harp; Paul MacDonald - guitar; and Claudine Langille - mandolin.
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